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Engineered Timber Solutions - Providing national coverage with local knowledge and service
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Pasquill specialise in the supply of timber engineering products to different sectors of the construction industry in the United Kingdom.

Engineered timber solutions is what we’re all about. You might know us for our reputation for high quality manufacture of roof trusses , I-beams, Posi-joists or spandrel panels.  But Pasquill reach beyond the boundaries of a purely product-based approach, putting our customers’ needs firmly at the forefront of our development and plans for the future.  Commercial projects involving the larger or more complex roofs can be designed, supplied and erected; ensuring a smooth transition from Pasquill to the client. 

Pasquill strive to be the best in the market and are at the cutting edge when it comes to adopting innovative products.  Pasquill are the only UK company able to manufacture a full range of panelised roof systems which have been developed to meet the changing demands of the construction industry and the increased need for energy conservation.

Our national network of design and manufacturing sites are located through the UK and we can utilise our national production resource to help customers meet tight demand schedules. In addition we have specialist teams dedicated to servicing the unique needs of every customer, including those with multiple build sites across the UK.

Pasquill work closely with customers and industry specialists such as the Centre for Timber Engineering at Napier University to help solve today’s construction problems using our expertise in design and off-site manufacture.  And we’re investing, in new plants, new partnerships and new technology. The construction industry isn’t standing still and neither are we.
So get in touch for a fresh approach to timber engineering.