The perfect way to add value and space

The perfect way to add value and space to your home is by extending without the expense of moving house. Before embarking upon any build, several factors must be considered.

posi-joist roof extension

This doesn’t need to be worked out to the last penny but a good approximation must be arrived at before you start building. This is important because your street will have a price ceiling. If your home is already touching that, then no matter how much you spend by doing the extension, you’ll be very unlikely to get back that money back when you come to sell. There are many available online resources for this type of information.

The planning laws change regularly with central government and local councils tweaking existing requirements with alarming frequency. Your first port of call should be your planning department’s website where all kinds of pre-application information and advice can be found.

This depends entirely upon your own DIY skills and whether you’re confident enough to cover all of the trades such as plumbing, joinery and roofing when you build your own extension. However it is always advisable to use a professional for skilled work.

We would recommend never engage a building tradesperson unless you have seen their work and they have been recommended by a trusted friend or colleague. If possible get at least three quotes based on a detailed itinerary of works to be done.

Ensure that there are no hidden extras and agree a payment schedule as the extension progresses. A fixed price contract for agreed works will ensure that you have complete control over costs.

Our sister company Jewson have extensive experience of what materials will be most suitable for your job. Drop into your local branch to find out more – with over 600 sites up and down the country, they can provide a wealth of knowledge whenever it is required. In addition their self-build team has worked with thousands of people over the years to help them create their dream home.

If you need help building an entire new house, or doing a smaller job such as an extension or loft conversion, they can provide the service and advice you’ll need to complete your project.

For many the loft space in their home is a dark and murky place either filled with insulation or a dumping ground for all those things that have been accumulated over the years. Forgotten boxes mingle with ancient Christmas decorations whilst a cold water tank bubbles away in the corner.

However a loft conversion can transform this space into one of the finest rooms in the home. Before converting the roof space, first work out how you’re actually going to gain access in the first place. A new set of bespoke stairs must conform to building regulations and how they’re configured could have an impact on the rooms below.

If access to the attic is agreeable then you’re working with a blank canvas. By its very design your loft will have a very similar, if not exact, footprint to your property.

This allows great freedom in how the actual space is configured and the choices are virtually limitless.

If you decide to go for a dormer conversion then you can choose from a wide selection of windows from our preferred supplier Jewson’s. They also have a whole host of solutions to bring natural light in from outside including Velux roof windows – some of which are electric powered for those hard to access positions.

Installing an en-suite bathroom or a wet room when converting your loft is a sure-fire way of optimising the space. If the area available is against the pitch of the existing roof then Jewson can manufacture bespoke shower doors and provide compact bathroom suites that have been specifically designed for this eventuality.

Another key factor to incorporate when you convert your attic is storage. This can be done by creating cupboards under the eaves that can be accessed through hatches along their length, or by a door at one end. Regardless of whether you’ve managed to rid yourself of all that clutter when you emptied the loft, every home somewhere to tidy away those things that aren’t always on show.

There are numerous things to consider when taking on any building project and Jewson’s Self Build team has a wealth of experience in guiding people through what can sometimes seem to be a daunting journey. In addition with over 600 sites nationwide, you can tap into this abundance of knowledge by speaking to one of their skilled staff at your local branch.

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