Unit 3 Oldbury Park, Popes Lane, Oldbury, Birmingham, B69 4RG

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About us

As the Country’s leading roof truss supplier, our technical design team here in Oldbury is part of Pasquill’s national housebuilder team which was set up to provide a specific service tailored to meet the needs of the largest national housebuilders in the UK including Barratt’s, Charles Church, David Wilson Homes, Linden Homes, Persimmon, Redrow and Taylor Wimpey.

Opening hours:

Monday 08.00am – 17.00pm

Tuesday 08.00am – 17.00pm

Wednesday 08.00am – 17.00pm

Thursday 08.00am – 17.00pm

Friday 08.00am – 16.00pm

designer checking angle of roof truss

Our services

At Pasquill we provide free technical advice on Roof Trusses, I-Beams, Posi –Joists and Spandrel Panels and use state of the art software from the industry leader MiTek to supply your bespoke drawings in 3-D visualisation at no extra charge.

A colleague from our Oldbury design team will call you to understand your roof or floor requirements so that we can quote you a comprehensive package tailored to meet your needs.

You should be aware that not all quotes for Roof Trusses or Floors enquires are the same. Our quotes will be clear and broken down and include bracing, metalwork, and delivery unless you advise us otherwise.

We also offer Pasquill Express Delivery. Find out more here.

Our experience

You can be assured you are getting the best advice within our branch as we have around 140 years’ technical experience in the industry in dealing with Roof Truss and Floor enquiries between us.

Our designers also have a comprehensive knowledge of the timber frame construction industry which allows us to design and supply to house builders timber frame requirements.

Our speciality

Here in Oldbury our technical designers specialise in designing bespoke Roof Trusses, Posi Joists, and Glulam beams to fit your specific requirements. I-Beam enquiries are dealt with by one of our JJI specialist designers within Pasquill Group.

We draw the roofs for our 5 Star National house builders.

Our manufacturing facilities produces Roof Trusses for deliveries all over the UK.

Our accreditation

We are very proud of our accreditations and certifications and understand the importance as you seek to comply with all of the current regulations in place. That’s why we place a high regard for responsible practices and achieving certification to ensure we protects the interests of all our customers and suppliers.

One of our designers here in Oldbury was recognised for his knowledge and experience and selected to be part of a national user group for MiTek’s software package Pamir.

Customer feedback

Feedback from Andy
“It was invaluable to have Pasquill’s designers take our original elevations and come up with solutions for us. It was particularly helpful to be able to see the company’s suggested designs in the 3D easy to view configuration that the company’s software facilitates. The order was placed based on previous service levels, including the high standard of designs produced, as well as speedy design turnaround, and on-site assistance.” – Andy Wood, Persimmon Homes’ Material Buyer