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Roof Trusses

Roof trusses are the most widely used form of framing in the UK as they provide a cost effective and flexible design solution.


Metal web joists also known as Posi-Joist™, combine the light weight of timber with the strength of a steel web.

Panelised Roof Systems

Panelised roof systems have been developed to meet the changing demands of the construction industry and the increased need for energy conservation.

Loft Conversion Made Easy

At Pasquill we work with our supplier partners to offer an innovative new solution to make loft conversion simple.


Their shrink and warp resistance helps create ‘quiet’ floor solutions and consistent dimensions provide extra stability.

Introduction to Pasquill Products

Pasquill is the largest supplier of trussed rafters in the UK, with an unrivalled national network of design and manufacturing sites providing nationwide coverage with local knowledge and service.


Glulam’s tensile characteristics make it suitable for long span, load-bearing widths, such as bridges.

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