How Pasquill JJI-Joists are made.

JJI-Joists, are beams with an I- or H-shaped cross-section. The horizontal elements are flanges, while the vertical element is called the web.

They are manufactured by James Jones & Sons for Pasquill to precise specification using high grade solid timber flanges bonded to an OSB web.

Using JJI-Joists is a very efficient form for carrying both bending and shear in the plane of the web, their superior strength-to-weight ratio allows longer spans and easier handling.

Features & benefits of JJI-Joists

  • Quicker to install ‐ Easier to install than a solid timber set: no herringbone strutting or blocking, no special tools required. Large flange profile enables ease of fixing. Saving you time on site, saving you money
  • Lighter ‐ Typically half the weight of traditional solid timber sections making them easier to handle and install
  • Improved service installation-9mm OSB/3 web allows easy access for wiring, plumbing and mechanical ventilation & heat recovery systems. Able to accommodate large service holes (max 125mm)
  • Squeak free joists ‐ Structurally efficient profile also provides flat floors and ceilings
  • Dimensionally stable, will not shrink, bow, twist, shrink or split which means Less building maintenance
  • Part E Compliant ‐ Compliant with part E (Sound) legislation
  • Uniform ‐ More uniform in dimension than sawn timber joists
  • 220 mm section ‐ Section size matches typical blockwork coursing 
  • Fire Safe ‐ 30 and 60 minute fire certificate 
  • Quality Assured ‐ Consistent performance ‐ ETA, CE mark
  • Supporting UK manufacturing ‐ UK Manufactured
  • Established system ‐ Established in the UK in 1998
  • Sustainably Sourced ‐ Chain of custody certification and labelling
  • Technical Support ‐ Full national coverage with local knowledge
JJI-Joists fitted to 1st floor of a new build project
JJI-Joists fitted to 1st floor of a new build project

Their shrink and warp resistance helps create ‘quiet’ floor solutions and consistent dimensions provide extra stability. JJI-Joists also have the benefit of not needing insulation to gain compliance with Building Regulation Part E (sound) when installed at 400mm centres and above.

View our JJI-Joist information factsheet.

Services installed during installation of I-beams
Services installed during installation of I-beams

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