On 13 October 2020, we joined our Saint-Gobain colleagues around the world to celebrate the 11th International Environmental Health and Safety Day.

It’s an annual celebration which gives us the opportunity to review and enhance our own EHS policies, programs and standards. This year, we focused on wellbeing of team members, maintaining a Covid-19 secure environment, a zero-carbon roadmap and positive safety behaviours.

Our teams spent the workday receiving additional training on the safe loading and unloading of timber products onto lorries, and they also attended online seminars on IEHS’s main themes, which outlined our ambition to ensure staff wellbeing in the new normal.

As we’re part of the Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solution Division, the day also marked the release of our EHS Road Map. It highlights how we, along with sister companies Roofspace Solutions, International Timber and Scotframe, are working towards a target of zero emissions.

The roadmap outlines the concrete steps we’ll take over the next 10 years to improve every aspect of EHS operations, including training, standardisation and certification.

Philip Pointon, Sustainability Director, at Pasquill, said: “International EHS Day represents the very best about Pasquill, Saint-Gobain and our sister companies. The environment, health and safety are the values we champion above any others, but we understand that actions speak louder than words.

“IEHS Day is a brilliant occasion for everyone at Pasquill to communicate and celebrate all the EHS gains we achieve across the year, and look towards the targets we want to meet next. A lot of hard work goes into maintaining our EHS track record, so it’s rewarding to get together and acknowledge that.”

If you would like to know more about our commitment to sustainability, please visit www.pasquill.co.uk/environment, or head to www.pasquill.co.uk/health-safety to find out more about our health and safety credentials.


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