Dogs Trust

Building Description

A rehoming centre for dogs.


Basildon, London.

Products Used

Roof cassettes based on Posi rafters.

Services Provided

Design, manufacture and delivery.


Abbott Construction.

Dogs Trust.
Dogs Trust.

Project Details

Pasquill supplied over 1,000 sq.m. of pitched roof panels and over 150 sp.m. of flat roof panels as part of a bespoke solution to achieve a specified U-value of 0.15W/m²K. The project presented Pasquill with quite a challenge in the form of the building’s roof hip ends, which necissitated specially shaped panels.

View the Dogs Trust case study for more informations.

Product Highlights

Value engineering on the project revealed that the SIPS panels orginally specified would not create as much of a value for money solution as that offered by Pasquill. The resulting roofing configuration is (from the top) tiles on battens on felt followed by Pasquill’s pre-insulated panels incorporating:

  • Counter battends
  • A breather membrane
  • Mitek Posi-Joists™
  • Isover mineral wool insulation between rafters
  • A polythene vapour control barrier
  • An OSB underlining

Click here to view the video.

We were familiar with Pasquill’s excellent reputation but had not worked with the company before. We are very pleased with the cost savings the company’s panels have produced for us.

Phil Hughes, Director of Abbott Construction

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