Building description

Pasquill in Posi-Joist class of its own at Reigate Park Primary School.



Products used

Floor cassettes [Metal web].

Services Provided

Design, manufacture and delivery.


Innovaré Systems.

Reigate Park Primary School.

Project Details

Reigate School was rebuilt as part of a £28 million programme covering six schools. Over 800 Posi-Joists™ were manufactured and assembled into cassettes to accommodate 1200sq.m.

The project’s SIPs building programme required very short lead times. The scheme was a Just In Time project. The loading and unloading of the floor cassettes facilitated this approach, which ensured trucks could be easily unloaded according to where on site each individual cassette panel was to be positioned. With fifteen loads to handle in total, Pasquill – at the height of the project’s complexity – were able to supply an impressive six loads in one day.

View the Reigate Park Primary School case study for more informations.

Product Highlights

Posi-Joists are metal web joists, which combine the light weight of timber with the strength of a steel web. They offer easy access for the installation and maintenance of the services in a floor zone. This is a particular benefit with the move towards more sustainable buildings in which an increasing number of mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems are being installed, driving architects and specifiers to look for a versatile solution.

Pasquill used 18mm OSB decking to finish off the Posi-Joist cassette floor panels supplied to the school. The use of cassette floor panels has become increasingly popular thanks to their ability to improve safety on site and to speed up the installation process dramatically. Lifting straps are built into the cassettes, thereby ensuring safe lifting both for transportation and for site erection.

Working with Pasquill is a good experience. We are able to rely on the consistently high quality of the company’s metal web floor cassettes. Posi-Joist cassette floors really do help us to speed up the installation process.

Stuart Spaven –  Site Operations of Innovare Systems