Spandrel Panels

Save construction time

A spandrel panel is a factory produced prefabricated panel, manufactured off site thus saving on site construction time.

Traditional brick and block gable ends and party walls are open to the elements during construction and curing and cannot be erected during certain weather conditions. Additionally potential problems can be caused by high wind conditions.

There is also the danger that they will be insufficiently cured before construction is continued which can be a major health & safety risk causing site accidents.

Features & benefits

  • One trade time‐saving roof solution
  • Avoids additional scaffolding cost
  • System allows continuity of work when installing roof framing
  • Easy to install, no complex anchorage methods
  • Factory fitted slings for handling during off load and erection
  • Available to satisfy all roof layouts from the simple to the most complex
  • Party wall spandrels produced to Robust Details®

Spandrel panels are constructed to Robust Details® with a base truss factory clad with two layers of plasterboard to each face.

Panels can be supplied in sections to aid transport and safe erection. Order your spandrel panels today as part of your total structural roof solution.

View our spandrel panels information factsheet .

Pasquill spandrel panels in place.
Pasquill spandrel panels in place.

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